Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Incorporation?

According to our survey results – 89.6% of SK Residents do not feel represented and 94.9% are interested in incorporating the island. The same survey confirmed the community’s biggest concerns are overdevelopment, traffic, and pedestrian safety.

Property owners who reside in unincorporated Siesta Key represent less than 2% of total Sarasota County taxpayers, but we will be paying more than 9% of the total Sarasota County ad valorem tax for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

As a community, we have stood up to voice our opposition to decisions being made at the county level and we have not been heard. We have filled Commission meetings as well as inboxes to express our desires for our community with zero results. It is time for the Siesta Key Community to have our own voice.

How much will incorporation cost property owners?

The .5 mill ad valorem tax for a property owner in the proposed Town, based on the average property value of $695,469 with a $50,000 homestead exemption, would be $322 per year, or 88 cents per day.

What will happen with our current services ?

The new town will enter into new intergovernmental agreements with Sarasota County or negotiate new service contracts with private providers. These services include mosquito control, water, garbage and recycling, stormwater, and others. Please refer to the feasibility study for a more detailed list.

The greatest cost for most municipalities is police service. Currently, the Sarasota County Sheriff provides these services and will continue to provide services for the new town. We received a letter from the Sheriff on August 11, 2021, that stated “…the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide law enforcement services to the incorporated area at current levels of service.” We would not expect an increase in costs unless the community demands an increase over current services.

What about all this development? 

We support the Siesta Key Coalition which is currently fighting the proposed hotels that would change the vibe of our island. We may not be able to stop what has already been approved, but with incorporation, we will have more influence on future proposals.

What will happen with zoning and code enforcement?

Currently Sarasota County provides building inspections, planning, zoning, and code enforcement services. The intention is to continue these services at the current rate until the town adopts a comprehensive plan. Once a new plan is completed, the Town will assume control of these services. A new town is required to develop a comprehensive plan within 2 years of incorporation. The Siesta Key Overlay District will be a great starting point for our newly elected officials.

Will the whole island be incorporated?

Save Siesta Key is focused on the unincorporated portion of the Island. We are aware that the small area on the North end of the Siesta Key that sits within the City of Sarasota has interest in joining the Town once incorporated. It is critical to our success that we stay focused on the unincorporated area.

Isn’t this another layer of government?

The people of Siesta Key will elect government officials who are residents of the Island. With our own town, we will be heard by decision makers who live right here in our neighborhoods, people who understand the challenges our community faces. We hope to see committees of residents and business owners working hand in hand with the elected leadership to take on the issues that affect us and to preserve the charm of our island.

What can I do to help?

Sign up to stay informed. Link >

Write your legislative delegation members and tell them why they should vote yes on incorporation for

Siesta Key. Link >

Review our feasibility study.  Link >

Educate yourself and others on the importance of this topic. This website has an abundance of
education and links to our community meetings. Help us SAVE SIESTA KEY!