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We are more than a
vacation destination,
we are a community.

Siesta Key is the Largest Unincorporated Barrier Island in Florida. Should we incorporate? Let’s find out together.

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Local bills are rarely approved the first time; it is customary to resubmit. We feel confident that our submission for incorporation in 2022 will be successful. Our Sarasota County Legislative Delegation in Tallahassee is changing from six to four members. Two of our no votes were redistricted out of Sarasota County. We are actively working to obtain a  unanimous vote in support,  addressing the concerns of the former delegates, shoring up our efforts with influential and effective representation in Tallahassee and continuing to increase our efforts on educating the public on and off the island.

About Us

The Mission

The incorporated city of Siesta Key will strive to keep our island an exceptional place to work, live, vacation and retire.

Our local government will promote community involvement, collaboration between residents and businesses, controlled growth, and preservation of our magnificent environment.

Our core values will be integrity, transparency, accountability, mutual respect, decorum and hospitality.

We believe incorporation and responsible self-government provide us with our best opportunity to maintain the unique charm and vibe of Siesta Key, and to preserve our quality of life for residents and business owners.

Our Cause

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Our Community

Imagine having a larger voice in the decisions that affect our community.

Imagine having a smaller, more efficient government.

Imagine working together to improve things like traffic, bike paths and entrances
to our beautiful island.

Imagine having a say in planning that will best represent the values and vibe of Siesta Key.

Imagine building a community that makes a difference on our little slice of heaven.

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